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World Turtle Day® 2016 was the best ever. We must save the turtles and tortoises form extinction.  Read more here http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2016/0525/On-World-Turtle-Day-how-are-the-reptiles-faring  

World_Turtle_Day_3h.jpgIt's World Turtle Day 2016 on May 23rd! Join the fun and win great prizes, enter photo contests and have a party on us with a special party pack! #Shellebrate #WorldTurtleDay by joining our mobile loyalty club where you will get first crack at special tips, gifts and fun! Just text the word turtles to 51555. Follow World Turtle Day on Facebook and visit the website at WorldTurtleDay.org.  See you soon!

Jameyportrait.jpgFollow Jamey's Journey to Wellness! Jamey was very ill - she's a South American Wood Turtle. She did not weather the rain well and got a bad infection. She's on the mend (we hope), but you can follow her journey by texting "Jamey" to 51555. Thank you for caring and sending Jamey healthy wishes and prayers! 

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 Five Ways Turtles and Tortoises Say "I Love You!"
1. They smack their lips when they see you coming.
2. They go to bed without prodding.
3. They look right at you.
4. They always look like they're smiling.
5. They swim right up to you.

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kidkissingturtle.jpgYou see a cute reptile, I see a Salmonella factory. Multiple states, US Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine investigated two multistate outbreaks of human Salmonella infections linked to contact with small turtles in 2015. Read more by following this link…http://barfblog.com/2015/10/more-turtles-more-salmonella



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Happy New Year 2015! Click to see our video message!


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Well, please join the crowd and sign up for Amazon Smile!  Just select American Tortoise Rescue as your charity, and from then on for every purchase you make (it's automatic), we get .05% of the total order.  It's simple.  Want to help?  Just click this link.


Love, Susan and Marshall

Evil Knievel - Resident Troublemaker

American Tortoise Rescue

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Welcome to American Tortoise Rescue from Popcorn the Sulcata

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This is Bunkle, the very first land turtle we rescued in 1990He is the boss of the turtle yard and is a total lady's man.  He is also the rescue's mascot.

Mission Statement


American Tortoise Rescue is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to the protection of turtles and tortoises throughout the world.  

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