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Fun Turtle Stuff


Here are some very cool turtle videos by our very own Marshall

Babies Having Some Fun!

Sulcatas Taking a Bath!

Baby Water Turtle Boogie!


It's not all misery thank goodness...you'll find some fun and useful stuff in this section.  In fact - here are some great turtle resources!

Rivenrock Gardens is the best cactus for tortoises.  In fact, they have a special of twisted, warped and bitten leaves at $1 a pound (plus shipping) - I got my box and they are practically perfect.  Your tortoises will love them - everyone at the sanctuary is eating them - deserts, sulcatas, leopards, Mediterraneans, Russians and redfoots.  Say hi to John and Vickie and tell them we sent you. 

Go to Rivenrock Gardens

Thanks to Roger Hall whose scientific drawings of turtles and tortoises are worth owning.  Please patronize him and buy his wonderful postcards, etc.  He has been very generous to ATR.

Roger's Wildlife Art

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