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We're doing a Groupon Grassroots Fundraiser. 
You can help make a difference in a turtle's life...

 We're excited to announce another fundraising opportunity through a partnership with Groupon Grassroots.  Every penny donated comes right to American Tortoise Rescue to help our turtles live healthy, happy lives.

It's simple. You donate $10 (or more) and get a voucher just like you would if you buy a Groupon pizza dinner or a spa vacation.  Only what you get is far better...you get to help save a turtle's life.  Take Goofy who is pictured above.  He came to the rescue because an owner decided to give him up.  He's blind, but he doesn't care as long as we hand feed him his share of worms and strawberries.  He lives outside enjoying a life at the rescue after being cooped up in a tank. 


For just $10 (you can give up Starbucks for just one day, right?), you can provide medical and veterinary care to a turtle or tortoise who is too ill or deformed to leave the rescue like these darling guys pictured below.  Starting today, Saturday, October 25th, simply click this link to donate Groupon. No need to print or save the voucher except for tax purposes.

You can donate all week through Halloween on October 31st!  Yay!
  If you have never signed up for Groupon, it's so simpleThis link Groupon Signup will take you there.

Thank you for helping us deliver the best medical care to our more than 100 shelled residents and to those owners who cannot afford to provide care to their sick animals.


Love, Susan and Marshall

Evil Knievel - Resident Troublemaker

American Tortoise Rescue

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Welcome to American Tortoise Rescue from Popcorn the Sulcata

Check it out

Download Now! Click Here - Where Have All The Turtles Gone" A PowerPoint Presentation


This is Bunkle, the very first land turtle we rescued in 1990He is the boss of the turtle yard and is a total lady's man.  He is also the rescue's mascot.

Mission Statement


American Tortoise Rescue is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to the protection of turtles and tortoises throughout the world.  

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